Class Desriptions


45-minute classes.

Dancers learn to improve coordination and musicality and are introduced to basic classroom etiquette.


Twinkle Toes                   18mon-3yrs           Designed for our tiniest Kalon Kuties, this fun class covers the

basics of ballet, tumble.

Kreative Movement       3-5yrs                   Ballet/Jazz/Tumble Class.

Sparkle & Shine              3-4yrs                  Ballet/Tap Combo Class. Focuses a little more on ballet, the foundation of all dance.  Also includes tap, tumble and an introduction to jazz. 

Collective Prep               3-5yrs                   Introduction to the world of competition dance.

Intro to Hip Hop              3-5yrs    

Kutie Combo                   4-6yrs                   Ballet/Tumble Combo Class

Tiny Tumble 1                 18mon-3yrs  Introduces our youngest Kalon Kuties to fundamentals of tumbling to provide building blocks for development in dance and overall fitness.  Focus is on basic flexibility, balance, strength, and body control.

Tiny Tumble 2                 3-4yrs    



60-minute classes.

Dancers focus on technique and further develop musicality as they are introduced to the intricacies of the specific dance style/genre.  


Ballet Basics                    4-6yrs    

Ballet 1/2                         6+ yrs         

Lyrical                                4-7yrs     This interpretation of music lyrics to tell a story through graceful and abstract movements.  Focus is on technical elements of ballet with fluidity and expressiveness, musicality, performance, and learning to place meaning behind movement

Beg/Int Leaps & Turns   5+ yrs        

Jazz/Contemporary        6+ yrs      A high energy class featuring fast placed warm-ups and sassy combos.  Focus is on musicality, performance, isolations, and developing complex rhythms and patterns.

Hip Hop 1                          6+ yrs        

Intermediate Hip Hop   8+ yrs         

Adv Hip Hop                    12+ yrs      

Cheer 1/2                         4+ yrs      This fun, high energy classes combine cheer fundamentals (jumps, tumbling, lifts and stunts) with high spirited, fun, and age-appropriate dance moves! Teachers focus on musicality and rhythm as well as flexibility, balance, strength and teamwork.


TUMBLE – All Ages

The focus in tumble is on proper technique, hand placement and body alignment. Tumble classes emphasize the muscle control and flexibility required to perform proper technique.  Levels progress from basic skills such as bridge, forward pike roll, and tuck jumps, to bridge kick-over, round off, chin stands, walkovers and aerials. 


Basics of TNT     4-6yrs    

Boys Tumble      4+ yrs        

TNT 1                     6+ yrs         


Students are placed based on the following level pre-requisite skills

TNT 2: Must have running foward roll, backbend, cartwheel, round off

TNT 3: TNT 2 skills + handstand forward roll, cartwheel on both sides, one-hand cartwheel, front over, front walkover, front handspring, back over, back walkover

TNT4: all TNT 2 & 3 skills + back handspring, round off back handspring and aerial




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beauty; beautiful, as an outward

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that is more than skin deep. 

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