Commitment. Accountability. Perfect Effort. Love. 


Commitment to team, giving a perfect effort, and holding each other accountable have been the focus of Miss Heather’s program from the beginning, and it is what truly sets Kalon apart. 


Miss Heather strives to create training methods and a team culture that produces technical, authentic artists and strong, humble, hard-working humans. The quality of her program speaks for itself. 


Keegan to Kalon. In 2007, Miss Heather’s 29-member company burst onto the competitive dance scene as Keegan Dance Company, and it didn’t take long for “that team from Titusville” to earn a reputation as a contender!


KDC was named an FDC Top 50 Dance Studio in its second season and became a Regional Top 25 a year later. Under Miss Heather's direction, the team won 50+ fiercely contended Nationals Championships, hundreds of technique, performance, and choreography awards, and more than $100,000 in scholarships.


Along the way Miss Heather earned a reputation for creating extraordinary choreography, and for producing mentally and physically strong dancers who are as skilled in performance as they are in technique. 



The quality of her program has also been reflected in her roster - more than a dozen dancers have remained on the team for more than ten years; there have been more than a dozen sets of sisters and three dozen graduated seniors; and in the past five years alone, two dozen dancers have traveled to Titusville several times a week from Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Orlando, Winter Garden, Palm Bay, Jacksonville, and Tampa to be a part of the Kalon experience. 



Kalon Dance Company is based in Titusville, Florida, and offers a variety of training programs to accommodate the needs of today's dancers. Auditions classes are on-going and are available by appointment only.



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(n.) the ideal of physical and moral

beauty; beautiful, as an outward

sign of inward good, noble

honorable character; a beauty

that is more than skin deep. 

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