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PreDance Classes

Twinkle Toes

Designed for our tiniest Kalon Kuties (age 2 -3), this fun 45-minute class covers the basics of ballet, tumble and creative movement.


Sparkle & Shine

A step up from Twinkle Toes, this 45-minute class focuses a little more on Ballet - the foundation of all dance! Also includes Tap, Tumble and an introduction to jazz. Dancers learn to improve coordination and musicality and are introduced to basic classroom etiquette.


Broadway Babes

A combo class for our 3 - 4yr old Kuties! This is a 45-minute tap and jazz class that focuses on improving coordination and musicality and performance! 


Dancing Divas

Picks up where Sparkle & Shine leaves off, placing a greater emphasis on musicality and coordination. This 60-minute class features ballet, tap, and tumble at a slightly faster pace with a larger movement vocabulary. Teachers promote correct class etiquette, while encouraging and rewarding positive work ethic.


Princess Party

Calling all princesses! This fun creative movement class for ages 3-5 introduces poise and posture practice, and lots of Disney classics to twirl and move to!


Tot Hop

Hip hop for our tiniest dancers! This fun, high energy class provides our 3 - 5 year olds with the most basic introduction to hip hop swag! 


Dance Classes

Hip Hop

An upbeat, urban, forever-evolving style of dance. A high energy class focusing on musicality and rhythm, and the fundamentals of isolations and flexibility. Students are encouraged to add their own individual style and personality to movement.



A high-energy class featuring fast paced warm-ups and sassy combos. Focus is on musicality, performance quality, isolations of the body, and developing complex rhythms and patterns.



This unique hour-long combo class features jazz, lyrical and contemporary.  Focus is on technical elements of with fluidity and expressiveness, musicality, performance, and learning to place meaning behind movement.



A style of expressive dance that combines elements of  jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements



Cheer Basics

These fun, high energy classes combine cheer fundamentals (jumps, tumbling, lifts and stunts) with high-spirited, fun, and age-appropriate dance moves! Teachers focus on musicality and rhythm as well as flexibility, balance, strength, and teamwork!


Tiny Tumble

This 45 minute class introduces our youngest Kalon Kuties to fundamentals of tumbling to provide building blocks for development in dance and overall fitness. Focus is on basic flexibility, balance, strength, and body control.


Ninja Tumble

A 45 minute class that uses fun Ninja-inspired moves to teach the  fundamentals of tumbling and coordination.


Tricks & Tumble

TNT focuses on proper hand placement and body alignment, and emphasizes the muscle control and flexibility required to perform proper technique. Levels progress from basic skills such as bridge, forward pike roll, and tuck jumps, to bridge kick-over, round off, chin stands, walkovers and aerials.

*Students are placed based on the following Level pre-requisite skills:

  • TNT 2: must have running forward roll, backbend, cartwheel, round off
  • TNT 3: TNT 2 skills + handstand forward roll, cartwheel on both sides, one-hand cartwheel, front over, front walkover, front handspring, back over, back walkover
  • TNT 4: all TNT 2 & 3 skills + back handspring, round off back handspring 

Stretch & Strengthen

This class is a Miss Heather original and encompasses her #QualityCounts mantra. Proper technique and safe stretching build strong, stable bodies. Students increase flexibility, balance, strength, and body control. This class is not in the Winter Showcase or Year End Recital. 


(n.) the ideal of physical and moral

beauty; beautiful, as an outward

sign of inward good, noble

honorable character; a beauty

that is more than skin deep. 

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