Kalon's Dress Code

Miss Heather firmly believes in a dress code as a method to add structure, intention, respect, pride, and confidence. 

  • All students should have their hair securely pulled off the face.
  • There is no jewelry in class.
  • No gum or food allowed in classrooms.
  • All students need a water bottle.
  • Prop shoes are required. Please see details below. 


Pre-Dance Classes

  • Pink or black ballet shoes
  • Black tap shoes

Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, Kalon red tutu* 

Boys: Black shorts with a Kalon tee* or all black tank or tee. 


Tumble and Dance Classes

  • Tennis shoes/sneakers (Hip Hop)
  • Black or tan jazz shoes (Jazz)
  • No shoes (Tumble classes, Contemporary, Lyrical)

Girls: Black bottoms and Kalon tee* or a black leo with black boy shorts

BoysBlack shorts with a Kalon tee* or all black tank or tee. 



  • Hair in a neat bun
  • Pink or black ballet shoes

Girls: Black leotard with pink tights. Ballet skirts are optional.

BoysBlack dance pants with a Kalon tee* or black tank/tee. 


*provided at registration

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(n.) the ideal of physical and moral

beauty; beautiful, as an outward

sign of inward good, noble

honorable character; a beauty

that is more than skin deep. 

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