Our classes are designed to meet the needs of beginning dancers as well as those with experience who wish to improve their skills.  We offer innovative and creative classes designed for dancers of all ages and ability levels – starting from age 2 and progressing through to teen and adult.


Twinkle Toes

Designed for our tiniest Kalon dancers (age 2 -3), this 45-minute class covers the basics of ballet, tumble and creative movement.


Broadway Babies

This class builds a primary understanding of several styles of dance—Ballet, Tap & Tumble.  Teachers will focus on Ballet which is the foundations of all dance styles, introduce a basic understanding of classroom etiquette, and teach tap and tumbling  to  help improve coordination and musicality.


Dancing Divas

With the emphasis placed on musicality and coordination, the class picks up right where Broadway Babies left off!  The focus is on ballet, tap, and tumble, with a slightly faster pace and a larger movement vocabulary. Teachers promote correct class etiquette, while encouraging and rewarding positive work ethic.


Hip Hop

Hip hop an upbeat urban style of dance that is forever evolving. This  high energy class focuses on musicality and rhythm, while teaching the fundamentals of  isolations and flexibility. Teachers encourage students to add their own individual style and personality to the movements.



This high-energy class focuses on musicality, developing complex rhythms and patterns, isolations of the body, and performance quality. Teachers keep students engaged with fast paced warm-ups and sassy combos.


Kick It w/ Kerri

Miss Kerri is a certified Beachbody Core de Force instructor who will lead students through a total-body workout that uses core conditioning combinations, bodyweight moves, and cardio spikes to harness the power of your core! No equiptment needed. 



Lyrical is an interpretive style dance that combines technical elements of ballet with fluidity and expressiveness. In this class, teachers will emphasize interpretation of music lyrics to tell a story through fluid and abstract movements.  


Tiny Tumble 

This 45 minute class introduces our youngest Kalon students to the fundamentals of tumbling to provide the building blocks for development in dance and overall fitness. Teachers focus on basic flexibility, balance, strength, and body control.

Tricks & Tumble

Each of these classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment, and place an emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform proper technique, while building increased flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and confidence. Classes teach basic skills such as bridge, forward pike roll, somersault, straddle and tuck jumps, and progress to handstands, bridge kick-over, round off,  chin stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers.


Dance Team Prep

College Dance Team Prep is a fun, high-energy class designed for dancers interested in auditioning for college dance teams. Focus is on technique, performance, and preparing dancers for auditions. Dancers also gain valuable insights, information and tips on how to get the most from their college dance team experience!


Tone w/ Tay

Barre with a twist! This class takes the traditional Barre elements (Pilates, dance, and yoga, and exercises to sculpt  and stretch the entire body) and adds cardio for a fun, energizing, full-body workout! 


Wild Card

Wild card classes explore several different styles of dance, rotating styles during the month including Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary. The focus is on fun while learning the unique movement quality required by each style.


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